MiHungry Whol'some Food

A savoury crust of seeds and grains crisply dehydrated and covered with our Not-Cheese made from sunflower seeds; topped with chopped onions, pinapples, tomatoes, sweet peppers, lettuce and olives or dulse flakes with your choice of hot pepper.

Extra toppings available at an additional cost includes: $50/$100

Mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, avocado, live ackee, ripe plantains, shredded coconut or seaweed.


Your choice of: Mushrooms, ackee, not-cheese

within two tasty buns made from walnuts filled with our signature house tomato sauce, onion rings, freshly sliced tomatoes, crispy sweet pepers, fresh lettuce and hot pepper.

Make it Extra Big

Super size your Nyam-Burger for an additional $100